Concierge Counseling and Coaching of Texas provides enhanced, personalized, and cost-effective services. While every client receives quality care, individuals requiring convenience, flexibility, direct access, and more quality time may choose to enroll in Concierge Packages.

Concierge Packages
are limited to an exclusive number of clients at any one time. Concierge Packages are available for counseling and life coaching services. This allows the client to access next level care with numerous perks that traditional services do not offer. Concierge Packages provide custom-fit services that are client driven, meaning insurance won’t dictate how many sessions a client can have. This avoids the “standardized care” which is meant to be “individualized” but in fact has become more of a “one size fits all” methodology.

At Concierge Counseling and Coaching of Texas we partner with the client and reflect the needs of the client in that moment. If the client needs to meet the requirements of an EAP we can assist. If the client wants to gain insight into some specific area of life or a particular situation we can assist. The client determines how the session will be used. The client can choose to meet in person or via video conferencing using Zoom or Wire, both of which have end-to-end encryption.

Clients with limited time can avoid the stress of traffic, cost of parking and gas, and can meet in the convenience of their home, vacation, business travel – basically from anywhere in the world.

Retainer fees for Concierge Packages are available on a monthly or quarterly basis.    

Concierge Services Pricing

Counseling and Coaching 
Monthly Retainer Fee $500.00


$125.00 per hour

Pay as you go

Counseling or Coaching 
60 minute session



Billed monthly/quarterly

Counseling or Coaching
3 hours per week
12 hours per month



Billed monthly/quarterly

Counseling or Coaching
5 hours per week
20 hours per month